TGIF!  It has been a great week; jam packed with seeing friends, shopping, running errand and generally just getting stuff done.  It feels so good to check things off the to-do list!  I’m looking forward to some quality time with the hubby, Jellybean and pup this weekend.  Hopefully the heat stays under control so we can spend sometime outside.  Over the past couple of weeks the heat/humidity in DC has been very intense!

I went to Co Co Sala for the first time this week.  While dinner was delicious the portion size was a little on the small size, for me.  The dessert on the other hand was huge and totally decadent!  I think it would make such a fun date night to go out for dinner and then go to Co Co Sala for dessert.  YUM … I can still taste the chocolate.

Co Co Sala Dessert  |  Life's Tidbits

Here’s what I’m loving this week …

I finally found the perfect t-shirt, thank you Madewell!  I’ve been searching for them for a few months now for t-shirts I like.  More than a few were return because they weren’t soft enough, too sheer or just not a good fit.  A close second would be these from The Loft.

While shopping the Nordstrom’s anniversary sale for a second pair of the live in leggings the sale associate showed me a few cute tops to go with my new pants.  She had some good picks, one of which is my new favorite workout tank top.  And, seriously … why does the Nordstrom’s anniversary sale just suck me in and make me want to buy the whole store!

Gap was having an insane sale and I was able to buy Jellybean a bunch of bathing suites and clothing she can grow into.  It’s always nice to have bigger sized clothes on hand for the day the current size no longer fits! =) I also noticed they have my favorite booties {similar, but just as cute} back in stock! I got SO many compliments on these booties when Jellybean wore them last winter.

I’m always on the hunt for a new chapstick.  I like this one, however this lip conditioner is far more affordable and I actually like it better.  I feel like the fresh sugar has to be reapplied more often than the Caudalie.

Last, but not least … I made this super delicious balsamic glazed chicken.  I use chicken thighs instead of breasts since we were out of chicken breasts.  I also didn’t use a slow cooker.  Just threw it into the dutch oven and let it cook (stirring occasionally) for about an hour and a half.  Winning … another recipe to add to the rotation!!

I hope you have a great weekend!  What are you favorite items lately?



Candy corn season has arrived!  Usually, I eat more candy corn after Halloween then before.  I love to buy the candy once it’s gone on sale … they have to make room for all the Christmas decorations starting November 1st so it makes sense to capitalize on that, right?!  While the husband and I are yet to make a decision on what Jellybean will dress up as for her first Halloween; I’ve been in full blown holiday purchasing mode for the past couple of weeks.

And honestly, this surprises me.  As an adult, I have never been a huge lover of Halloween.  I always dressed up for parties and what not, but never really put much effort behind it.  My favorite costume was by far Rainbow Brite — hello, clearly a child born in the 80’s. :)

For whatever reason having a child of my own has renewed the love I had for Halloween as a little girl … though I think it is manifesting itself in a different way.  I want to style both my home and my child for the upcoming ‘kick off’ to the holiday season!  {Don’t you think Halloween is the start to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years???}

For the condo I am currently crushing on this Tick or Treat banner and these Bat Candles, though I will admit I’m thinking of buying them only if they go on sale.  Jellybean’s wardrobe has certainly grown over the past few weeks with a couple of my favorite ‘Mini Fashionista’ Halloween finds … AND I was able to buy all but one item on sale … online shopping for the win!


Wickedly Cute Shirt / Pink Skeleton PJ Set / Cat Onsie and Pant Set
Cat Hat / Black Skeleton PJ Set / Halloween Witch Tee / Halloween Stretch Leggings
Halloween Bat Tee / Socks / Mommy’s Little Monster / Fleece Skeleton Hoodie

After I finished the blog I found this adorable candy corn headband on Etsy.  I might just have to buy it … it would look so cute on Jellybean!  “Hi, my name is Nicole and I am a borderline shopaholic” LOL.

Now that Jellybean is appropriately Halloween theme styled for the daytime, I really do need to get on making a decision about her costume for the big day.  The husband wants to dress her up as a vampire due to the two little fangs she is currently sporting — this mom isn’t 100% sold, yet.  My sister and brother in-law will be in-town visiting so JB better get her game face on for multiple cameras going off all at the same time!!!! I CAN.NOT.WAIT!  :)

Oh and ummmm who else is super excited for Hocus Pocus to be shown on TV?!  Seriously, I still really like … okay love that movie!


What are your favorite fashion finds for Halloween?  What did you dress your kiddo up as for their first Halloween?

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