It’s Friday!  The week has flown by and yet I’m not entirely sure what I’ve accomplished.  Jellybean has become a little parrot and listening to her speak makes me acutely aware of phrases I say a lot.  Apparently things such as ‘here’s the deal’, ‘remember we’ve talked about this’ and ‘mummy, the dog is driving you bananas’ (always in reference to Sophi is barking) are common phrases as of late.  The good news is she isn’t dropping the F’ bomb … yet.

Now for the Friday favorites …

This long open sweater looks incredibly comfy.  Perfect for fall when the weather is cool enough for layers, but often doesn’t warrant a jacket. Too bad Bangkok is a tab bit warm for this article of clothing.

New dinner recipes are always in demand around here.  Magic Faux-Tisserie Chicken looks totally scrumptious.  Definitely putting it on the meal plan agenda for next week.

Have you started your holiday shopping?  These tiny tag necklaces would be perfect for a mom or grandma.  I must admit, it would also be a great birthday or ‘push’ present! {hint hint hubby}

Speaking of the holidays, loving these hot air balloon ornaments.  Totally adorbs.  I hope they go on sale prior to Christmas!

If only Jellybean would sit still long enough to make construction paper turkeys.  What a fun activity with kids and a cute personalized decoration for Thanksgiving too.

Lastly, for you fellow pregger women out there I’m totally loving these maternity v-neck t-shirts.  Not only do they hold up well to being washed a bajillion times, but they have enough give to last the entire pregnancy.

Have a fabulous weekend!  See you on the flip side.



It’s Friday!  I’m off to Krabi for the weekend with the family.  We are meeting my sister-from-another-mother and her husband there.  This is the longest I think we’ve ever gone without seeing each other (nearly 9 months) and I just can’t wait to see her face in person.  FaceTime is a fabulous thing, but the real deal is just that much better.

So for this week’s favorites we have, drum role please…

Despite my best of intentions I still haven’t finished my post on our trip to Chiang Rai.  We went to Chiang Rai in December … fail!  While working on the post this week I came across the photo below of The White Temple aka Wat Rong Khun.  This photo is absolutely one of my top 5 favorite photos I’ve taken since arriving in Thailand.

The White Temple in Chiang Rai Thailand | Life's Tidbits

About a month ago I went into Sephora to buy my go to under eye concealer. While browsing, a sales consultant informed me Benefit’s erase paste was much better than what I was using.  Though I was skeptical I allowed her to show me, and boy was I NOT disappointed.  Love this stuff!  Bye bye dark circles!

When I was in Koh Samui the other weekend my friend was rocking this sun hat.  I recently ordered it in pink, because Amazon doesn’t carry black anymore (pout!).  Either way she and I will now be twinsies next time we go to the beach together.

I don’t think I would do it, but could you give up TV for a month (or maybe more) and change your life?  And, while we are on the topic of television the husband and I have been devouring the latest season of ‘The Americans’. I’m super excited to see new episodes of ‘Casual’ are now available on Hulu.  What shows are you loving right now?

This article on give some useful advice about talking to your child about consent.  I really like how the author breaks it down by age group.

I’m guessing you’ve already seen this video on Facebook, but if not … United States of WOMEN!  Girl power, girl power!!! Enthusiastic fist pump (or insert emoji here)!

My favorite skinny jeans are currently on sale.  I’m pondering purchasing a new pair as the crotch in the ones I currently have are sure rip any time now.  My current pair of skinny jeans have lasted nearly 5 years!

Any favorites you might recommend?  Currently, I am on the hunt for a portable toilet seat (oh the joys of potty trainings!) as well as a superb homemade granola recipe.  And yes, I totally recognize how opposite ends of the spectrum those items are … all accredited to the mommy brain.

What are your favs this week?



It’s Frrrrriday!!!  It’s been a busy week and I’m totally ready for the weekend!  What about you?  We are keeping it low key this weekend as we are traveling and having friends in town for the next 2 weekends.

One of my biggest favorites as of late is talking to Jellybean.  Toddlers say the darnedest things, don’t they?!  Her vocabulary has been rapidly growing and the bigger it gets the more hilarious and cute things she says.

For example, on the taxi ride to school the other day we were discussing that she was going school, Daddy was at work and I was going to go home after dropping her off.  Clearly she needed to keep tabs on everyone. :)  She follows that convo up with …

Jellybean – Mommy you go home and pway.
Me – What should I play with?
Jellybean – You make a tower. Otay?
Me – Okay JB, I will make a tower when I get home.  {smirking a little}

Jellybean also has become obsessed with motor-bi-cles.  It is not a motorcycle or motorbike … it is a motor-bi-cle … otay?!  I can’t get enough.  It’s just too stinking cute.  She counts them, points them out or says {read screams, as loudly as possible} the color of said motor-bi-cle that she has in her sights.  And, at least once a day while crossing the street I am told ‘watch where you are going Mommy, there are moter-bi-cles’.  Thanks for the heads up JB!

And now for some of my non-toddler related favorites…

Let’s start with the picture below of the fire dancers in Koh Samui from last weekend.  The show was fantastic and watching it with some of my favorite friends from DC made it all the more special.  A post should be up next week about our trip to Koh Samui, stay tuned!

Fire Dancing in Koh Samui Thailand

Totally loving this lip screen WITH spf 50 it is a-freaking-mazing!  My friend introduced it to me last weekend in Koh Samui (yay for a girls weekend!).

I’m also eyeing some super affordable Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses in rose gold.  I love sunglasses.  I feel like they can make or break an outfit, or swimsuit.  Agree or disagree?

Cinnamon roll cake, um, yeah, GET IN MY BELLY!!!  This needs to happen asap, but I need an excuse.  Who wants to come over for brunch?

Love this – Can’t A Stay-At-Home Mom Get A Little Love?

I wish Jellybean was in need of some new swimsuits there are so many cute ones currently on sale.  This swimsuit for a girl is fabulous and if I had a boy I would go for this lemon print one.

What are you up to this weekend?  What are some of your current favorites?



Happy Friday … hope you had a great week!

A couple weekends ago we went to Cambodia for a few days {more details to come soon}. It was amazing and our first couples vacation since Jellybean was born.  While we missed her terribly it was amazing to explore Siem Reap just the two of us!  I’ve only just begun really looking through the 500+ photos I took, but the one of the Buddha faces at Bayon Temple immediately caught my eye.

Bayon, Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Just recently vacationed here and it's absolutely stunning .

Some current favorites …

After becoming very frustrated with slipping and sliding on the slick streets of Bangkok I purchased these flip flops.  They have traction on the bottom, arch support and made from yoga mats.  Loved them, purchased a pair for the hubby and he loves them too!

If I had a little boy I would by him this driving cap.  It’s so dapper.

New recipe on the books for dinner soon is lemon chicken risotto.  If lemon in all recipes is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!

I really want to buy this dress in savilla abstract print, but it’s currently out of stock in my size.  Pout. And, speaking of clothes, how cute is this swimsuit.  If I thought I could pull it off I would have already pressed purchase, it’s crazy affordable.

Easter is right around the corner, which doesn’t seem right to me.  But honestly, what do I know?  I live in a place where the seasons are hot, hotter and hottest so holidays seem to just sneak up on me as of late.  THIS is how you hard boil a ton of eggs at once.  Making a million easter eggs just got a little easier … your welcome. ;)

This post on why maternity leave isn’t a vacation.  Sorry, but YES! #SorryNotSorry

What are you loving this week?  Hope you had a excellent weekend!



Hey there!  Oh my gosh, do you even remember that I blog??  It has been a while … insert a bajillion excuses here.  Oh yeah, ummmm, okay, let me just tell you why.  Work has been insanely busy.  It’s that good kind of busy though.  I’m learning so much and really loving putting that PMP to good use.  Jellybean has been staying up later, which is great because we get more quality time during the week!  The only down side is it shortens then amount of time I have with both my hand and not having to keep one eye on the bambino!  Post bedtime stories are packed with household stuff, relaxing and QT with the hubby.  Finding the energy and motivation to blog has been hard, but I’ve really missed it.

So I’m back … and oh so hopeful you will accept me back into the fold. =)

Lets get to it with my current favorites this Friday!


I finally got around to ordering prints from January to March of this year … jeez I’m a slacker!  But, seriously, what is better than actual prints?!?!  Any-hoo this picture is from Easter weekend and I just love it.  Jellybean is concentrating on saying hello to the ‘baaa baaa baaa, sheep’.  Our kiddo has ZERO fear and stuck her little hand through the fence in an attempt to touch the ‘baaa baaa baaa’.  Luckily Grammy was closely monitoring the interaction so I could capture the moment.

I’m totally obsessed with this Crispy Cajan Chicken dish.  It’s a home run recipe!!  I’ve modified it a little by brushing on the hot sauce and then searing it on the stove top, followed by baking in the oven.  When I cooked it on the stove top the whole time all the breading fell off – total bummer.  I’ve literally made this meal every week since finding the recipe.

They don’t call these leggings ‘live in’ for nothing! I want to wear the all day everyday.  I’m thinking of buying a second pair in another color.  And speaking of clothes, I wish it was acceptable to wear the same blazer EVERY.SINGLE.DAY to work.  Given how hot is has been in DC as of late this blazer has been clutch.  Throw it over my tank top and head to a meeting … professional and comfy!

This baby sponge is amazing and why didn’t we find it when Jellybean was just an infant.  Bath time sponge equals a decrease in the amount of laundry {no more… or at least less wash clothes}.

Totally loving this fashion blogger.  I’m working on creating a new cohesive wardrobe so I’m really into reading these types of blogs recently.

My sister is ENGAGED!!!  I got her this super cute cup as an engagement gift.  It’s been crazy fun to help her plan a little.  It brings back so many memories from planning my own wedding.  I’ve also been pinning bridal shower and wedding ideas like crazy.  Pinterest … Can’t Stop … Won’t Stop.  LOL.

Finally tried this under eye dark circle corrector.  Everyone sings it’s praises and I do like it, however I have a feeling I’m not applying it quite right.  So I will continue to work on that!

What are your favorites this week??  Happy Friday! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!


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