Happy Friday … hope you had a great week!

A couple weekends ago we went to Cambodia for a few days {more details to come soon}. It was amazing and our first couples vacation since Jellybean was born.  While we missed her terribly it was amazing to explore Siem Reap just the two of us!  I’ve only just begun really looking through the 500+ photos I took, but the one of the Buddha faces at Bayon Temple immediately caught my eye.

Bayon, Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Just recently vacationed here and it's absolutely stunning .

Some current favorites …

After becoming very frustrated with slipping and sliding on the slick streets of Bangkok I purchased these flip flops.  They have traction on the bottom, arch support and made from yoga mats.  Loved them, purchased a pair for the hubby and he loves them too!

If I had a little boy I would by him this driving cap.  It’s so dapper.

New recipe on the books for dinner soon is lemon chicken risotto.  If lemon in all recipes is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!

I really want to buy this dress in savilla abstract print, but it’s currently out of stock in my size.  Pout. And, speaking of clothes, how cute is this swimsuit.  If I thought I could pull it off I would have already pressed purchase, it’s crazy affordable.

Easter is right around the corner, which doesn’t seem right to me.  But honestly, what do I know?  I live in a place where the seasons are hot, hotter and hottest so holidays seem to just sneak up on me as of late.  THIS is how you hard boil a ton of eggs at once.  Making a million easter eggs just got a little easier … your welcome. ;)

This post on why maternity leave isn’t a vacation.  Sorry, but YES! #SorryNotSorry

What are you loving this week?  Hope you had a excellent weekend!


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