It’s Friday!  The week has flown by and yet I’m not entirely sure what I’ve accomplished.  Jellybean has become a little parrot and listening to her speak makes me acutely aware of phrases I say a lot.  Apparently things such as ‘here’s the deal’, ‘remember we’ve talked about this’ and ‘mummy, the dog is driving you bananas’ (always in reference to Sophi is barking) are common phrases as of late.  The good news is she isn’t dropping the F’ bomb … yet.

Now for the Friday favorites …

This long open sweater looks incredibly comfy.  Perfect for fall when the weather is cool enough for layers, but often doesn’t warrant a jacket. Too bad Bangkok is a tab bit warm for this article of clothing.

New dinner recipes are always in demand around here.  Magic Faux-Tisserie Chicken looks totally scrumptious.  Definitely putting it on the meal plan agenda for next week.

Have you started your holiday shopping?  These tiny tag necklaces would be perfect for a mom or grandma.  I must admit, it would also be a great birthday or ‘push’ present! {hint hint hubby}

Speaking of the holidays, loving these hot air balloon ornaments.  Totally adorbs.  I hope they go on sale prior to Christmas!

If only Jellybean would sit still long enough to make construction paper turkeys.  What a fun activity with kids and a cute personalized decoration for Thanksgiving too.

Lastly, for you fellow pregger women out there I’m totally loving these maternity v-neck t-shirts.  Not only do they hold up well to being washed a bajillion times, but they have enough give to last the entire pregnancy.

Have a fabulous weekend!  See you on the flip side.


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