7 months pregnant and the baby is the size of a pineapple!  It is amazing how quickly these little people grow.  It’s exciting to be in the 3rd trimester and final stretch of the pregnancy.  It is crazy how quickly the pregnancy is passing by.  Sometimes I feel as though I’ve been pregnant forever and other days its like I blinked and the 3rd trimester arrived.

As I mentioned in my last pregnancy update I have been horrible about taking baby bump photos this time around.  The only photos I have from this month are of me from the chest up or family photos from the holidays where it’s hard to tell if I’m pregnant or just had too many hamburgers.  I really need to get my act together and take a few more bump photos before this little guy arrives!

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Third Trimester: Month 7 in Review

Craving …

Oranges and milk chocolate.  Not together though :)

Feeling …

Generally pretty good!  I am starting to feel big, but I think that’s in part because so many people keep telling me my belly is huge.

Missing …

Sleeping through the night.  Baby boy likes to sit directly on my bladder, which mean frequent trips to the potty regardless the time of day.

Wearing …

Same as last month.  All maternity clothes with the exception of a few pairs of sweatpants and yoga pants.  The sweatshirt no longer comfortably zips over the bump so it’s no longer in the rotation.  I’ve also worn my non-maternity bathing suit for the last time.  It was my post pregnancy swim suit which I have now stretched to the ultimate MAX.

Movement …

Lots and lots.  This little guy, just like his sister, is a mover and a shaker!

Excited About …

Finding a doula.  We only met with two doulas, but I could tell almost instantly with the second woman she was a good match.  I very much appreciated her upbeat personality as well as her perspective on giving birth.  The doula we hired also came very highly recommended by a good friend of mine.

Monthly Highlight …

Jellybean has gotten really into feeling the baby kick.  She shrieks with glee “Mommy the baby kick”, “Mommy, Kiwi is saying ‘hi sister'” and other adorable things.  Sometimes when he’s not moving Jellybean will look at me and take deep breaths in and out.  The baby often moves more when I take deep breaths.  It’s precious to see Jellybean mimicking me in hopes of making Kiwi kick.

Nervous About …

Nothing really at this point.

First vs. Second Pregnancy …

Overall I think my energy and comfort level are much higher with the second pregnancy.  In part I credit being more active this time around as well as having a toddler to chase around and keep entertained!  I always wondered how these moms with baby bumps were toting their toddlers around.  Then I realized we do what we have to do, and if my 3 year old wants me to carry her, I do, because … I love her.  It’s hard not to when I know one day she won’t want me to carry her around anymore.  Got to soak it up while I can!  Check out the recap of the 7th month from my first pregnancy!

Any pregnancy tidbits you care to share?  I would love to hear them!



This pregnancy seems to be just flying by, but feels so long all at the same time.  Thank goodness for maternity/stretchy shirts and pants because my little one just keeps growing and growing.  This picture was taken at the very end of the 7th month … HELLO jelly belly!

Pregnancy Tidbits from Weeks 28 to 31, 8th month, 3rd trimester, week by week, baby bump, pregnant, pregnancy log | Life's Tidbits

Pregnancy Tidbits from Weeks 28-31

Random Tidbits

Pants – I now sit down to put my pants on … ohhhhh so sad {blushing}.  While I can successfully get dressed without sitting down it just feels “safer” and much easier to sit down.  So my tush meets the bed or couch when the pants come on or off LOL.  I feel like someone once told me – or I read it somewhere – that one of the most common household accidents is people hurting themselves while putting on their pants.  Have you heard that or am I making it up?

Wedding Rings – Are now off *extreme sad face*.  I absolutely LOVE my engagement ring and wedding band.  Although I can still get the rings on/off, my fingers are just swollen enough to make the rings uncomfortable.  The husband finally convinced me last weekend to stop wearing them.  It makes me sad every time I look at my hand.  I don’t know why I miss them so much, but I do.  It just feels too early to have to take them off.

Cravings – I am over my coffee obsession.  I crave something sweet after each meal … ummm yes that does include breakfast … though I do restrain myself, most of the time {evil cackle}.  Even just a couple peanut butter M&Ms can curb the craving.  Jelly and I just love sweets.

Daddy Approved Clothing – Jellybean now has a daddy “approved” outfit … the husband said monkeys were a must. Little did he know his mom would find a PINK monkey outfit.  How cute is this outfit?!


Tidbits that Haven’t Changed

Gender – Jellybean is STILL a girl!  Why “still” you might be asking?  Since finding out the gender of our little one people have told us numerous stories of the ultrasound technician saying the baby was a girl and then on the day of the baby’s birth … BOOM it’s a boy!  I’m pretty confident about Jellybean’s gender as we’ve been fortunate to have it confirmed by three different technicians at three separate appointments.  So … JB is still a girl!

Due Date – December 23, 2013.  Even if she’s late I’m praying for a 2013 baby and not 2014 :)


Swelling – My feet and fingers have entered sausage town … population 20!

Congestion – The stuffy nose and night time snoring continues.


Jellybean’s movements are getting stronger by the week.  Sometimes the kicks are so strong it startles me.  It shocks me (and the husband) how such a tiny little ~3 pound person can produce such a strong punch!

Maternity Clothes

Same as the 5th and 6th month – 90% maternity clothing with a sprinkle of my old clothes, sweat pants/shirts.  The husband’s t-shirts are now tight around my belly so I’ve stopped wearing those.  My husband is by no means a “big” guy so while it’s a little sad his shirts don’t fit around the belly anymore it isn’t shocking either.

Missing Anything?

Not worrying about what I consume.  I’m fortunate not to have food allergies so having to inquire about what’s in food or worry about how it is prepared.  Pregnancy has given me a whole new level of respect for people with food allergies.  I’m looking forward to not having to worry about what types of food I’m eating.


Making progress on the nursery – The room has been painted.  Dresser, nightstand, rug, crib and glider were purchased (just waiting for all the pieces to be delivery).  Now we just have to focus on wall decorations.

Looking Forward To…

Thanksgiving – My FAVORITE holiday is right around the corner and I can NOT wait.  My parents and sister will be making the trip to DC since I can’t travel to Massachusetts.  While this year won’t be exactly the same as what we are use to, it will be great to all be together for the holiday.


Not being prepared – I feel utterly unprepared for our new life/reality.  While the nursery is slowing coming together we don’t have diapers, a changing pad, onsies or any of those basic items.  It was a conscious decision to hold off on purchasing this stuff, but I think the time has come to get some of the basics into the house.

Premature Labor – I am scared about going into labor early.  The doctor asked me at my last appointment (31 weeks) if I had any contractions.  I said no, but honestly I’ve never had a contraction … I’m assuming if I had a contraction I would know it, right?  Just being asked the question made me realize how close to Jelly’s due date we are getting!

That pretty much rounds up my 7th month of pregnancy.  Just 8 “short” weeks (plus or minus) until we get to meet our little one.  I’m so excited!!

Any pregnancy tidbits you care to share?  I would love to hear them!






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