Oh BOY, Jellybean is going to have a little BROTHER!!  We couldn’t be more thrilled to be adding a little boy to the family.  Jellybean is working on perfecting her pronouns and for the most part she gets that she’s the big sister and Kiwi is her little brother.  The second trimester feels like it’s flying by and I can’t believe we are already more than half way through the pregnancy.  I am so excited to meet our little man in March.

The 20 week scan was so much fun.  The doctor who performed the ultrasound was great about saying things like heart normal, stomach normal, etc.  Hearing the feedback real time allowed the hubby and I to really enjoy watching Kiwi moving about on the screen.  Kiwi is pretty opinionated and wasn’t really into being ‘pushed around’ by the ultrasound wand.  Anytime the doctor pushed down a bit to see something Kiwi would kick and/or punch that exact spot.  Seems to me we have another spunky child on our hands … and, honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s hard to believe there’s only 1 month left until I’ll be in the third trimester!  Below is a little update on the 4th and 5th months of my second pregnancy.

Pregnancy Update: Second Trimester, 4 months and 5 months pregnant | pregnancy, baby bump, pregnancy silhouette | Life's Tidbits

Second Trimester: Months 4 and 5 in Review

Craving …

fruit {still} and chocolate.  I’ve moved on from watermelon and I am now obsessed with oranges.

Food Aversions …

still not really feeling meat, however it doesn’t make me nauseous to think about eating anymore.  If chicken looks or smells even a little bit off from what I’m feeling at the moment there’s no way I’ll eat it.  Eggs are back in my good graces.  So thankful, they are a breakfast staple.

Feeling …

pretty darn good overall!  If I’m being really honest I’ve been having some restless legs at night and a bit of hip pain.  Compared with the first trimester nausea and headaches and the upcoming third trimester physical discomfort, I’m soaking up the second trimester.  It really is the sweet spot!

Missing …

my family.  It’s weird being so far away from my parents and sister while pregnant.  We are the kind of close nit family that talks daily, okay truth – when I lived in the same timezone as my parents I talked to my father almost daily and my mother usually twice a day sometimes more.  Being abroad has changed those stat drastically, but we all do our best to chat often.  My sister keeps having me stand in front of the laptop and/or iPhone when we FaceTime so she can ‘see the belly’.

Wearing …

mostly maternity clothes at this point.  I was able to ‘hide’ the belly under normal t-shirts until about 16 weeks and then I gave up.  I would say shortly after the 14 week point I started wearing my maternity shorts.  My regular shorts still fit, but the pressure on my stomach just wasn’t worth it.

Movement …

lots of it!  Feeling the baby move is one of the best parts of each day.  I started feeling pressure around 14 weeks and by 16 weeks flutters.  The husband felt him give a pretty good kick for the first time on week 19.  I was definitely able to feel Kiwi’s movements earlier than Jellybean’s.  Let’s keep those baby kicks a-comin’ Kiwi!

Excited About …

the nausea FINALLY being over.  It was also really exciting to find out Kiwi is a boy.  The gender reveal also unleashed The Mimi {aka my mother} to purchase an ever expanding sea of blue clothing.  Can’t wait to see the wardrobe that has been acquired for him.

Nervous About …

how we will manage two kids.  We went to dinner with some friends a couple of weeks ago and they were kind of chuckling about how their second child rocked their world a little more than they anticipated.  They were also very forthcoming about the lack of sleep associated with a newborn.  Seriously, I understand why keeping people awake is used as a form of torture … because not sleeping is torture hahaha.  While I know we will rise to the occasion it’s still a wee bit nerve racking.

First vs. Second Pregnancy …

As I already mentioned there’s a lot more movement with this pregnancy than the first.  The first pregnancy I definitely felt worn out from growing a baby.  I thought I was tired with the first pregnancy; I wasn’t.  Tired it what I feel this time around.  Growing a baby takes a lot energy.  Growing a baby while simultaneously toting around a toddler, help her potty/pull up her pants not to mention the emotional energy expended … now that’s a new level of tired.  :)  Check out the fifth month recap of my pregnancy with Jellybean.

Any pregnancy tidbits you care to share?  I would love to hear them!






Best of Worst


Hello second trimester it is SOOOO nice to see you! Morning (really all day) sickness is .. GONE!  HOLLA!  I feel like myself again and while I’m still more tired than normal, early evening naps are no longer required. =)  The belly and baby keep on growing and growing.  I was surprised to compare my first belly picture to the updated one.  Here’s the belly at 22 weeks (and a couple days):

22 Weeks Pregnant, 5 Months | Life's Tidbits

Pregnancy Tidbits from Weeks 18-22

Random Tidbits

As previously announced Jellybean is a girl!

Belly button is out … already! POUT.  Apparently my inny/outty belly button is taking full advantage of being pregnant and has become a full blown outty.  Hopefully it goes back to “normal” after Jellybean makes her debut.

I am craving coffee, which is weird for someone who has never been a huge coffee drinker.  Regular coffee, iced coffee and lattes … I want them all multiple times a day.  Don’t worry though, despite the craving I am limiting myself to the doctor’s recommendation of only 1 cup of caffeine per day.


Leg cramps – Holy Charlie Horse Batman!  I don’t think I’ve had leg cramps/charlie horses like this since playing ice hockey and soccer in high school.  According to my handy dandy pregnancy book, leg cramps are completely normal.  I’ve been trying to stretch my calves and eat more bananas to combat these nightly legs cramps.

Back Pain – As the belly got bigger my back started to hurt.  The beginning of the 5th month was pretty uncomfortable, but it quickly subsided.

Easily Winded – I was glad the doctor warned me that I might become winded easily.  Although I wouldn’t say I am super in shape I’ve always been able to walk long distances and go up/down a flight of stairs without issue.  Now when I walk and talk for too many blocks I get winded.  Carrying my computer and purse up or down the stairs in my building while talking on the phone … also equals getting winded.


I felt the baby move for the first time the afternoon of our 20 week appointment.  It really does feel like a “flutter”.  For me, in the beginning, it was hard to determine if the sensation was the baby moving or well …. ummm … other stomach stuff … yeah let’s put it that way.  She tends to be most active right before I go to bed.  In fact the calmer and more still I am the more I can feel her move and kick.  The highlight of any day (or evening really) is when I feel her kick.

Maternity Clothes

I’m rocking 90% maternity clothes at this point.  Sweat pants, pajamas and a few flowy shirts about sums up the clothing that still fit over the belly.  I had been holding out on buying a bunch of maternity clothes when my mom made a good point.  The earlier I buy them the longer I get to wear them!  That was all the justification I needed.  At about 21 weeks pregnant my mom and I went shopping at Motherhood Maternity.  It was honestly the best thing she could have suggested we do while I visiting the family in Massachusetts.   I now have enough clothing options that I don’t have to wear the same things over and over again.  Plus in all honesty I’m far more comfortable in my new clothes then what was already in my closet.

Missing Anything?

Turkey breast sandwiches!


Finding out Jellybean is a girl and feeling her move are definitely tied for first place this month.  A VERY close second would be the first time the husband felt Jellybean kick!!

Looking Forward To…

The 24 week ultrasound.  My little sister is coming into town and will be my wing woman for what will most likely be my last ultrasound!  It has been pretty special to see the Jellybean with the husband, my mom and even by myself.  I’m so excited though to share the moment with my little sister/Auntie-to-be.

No more traveling.  While I adored seeing so many friends and family in July, the 5 consecutive weekends of traveling was just too much for this pregnant gal.  The husband and I agreed early on in the pregnancy we were going on “travel maternity leave” starting in September.


Gestational Diabetes Test.  I am not looking forward to this test at my 24 week appointment.  I know it is uncommon and the test will probably come back negative, but I’m still a little worried.

Labor!  Despite delivery being about 28 weeks away I am nervous about it.  I think I will continue to live in denial about it for a few more weeks … currently pulling an ostrich move and burying my head in the sand.  At some point soon facing this fear is a must.  =)

Any pregnancy tidbits you care to share?  I would love to hear them!

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