I cannot believe there is only one more month until we meet our little guy!  It’s clear the baby bump is growing and I am often asked by people I frequently don’t know when said baby will be arriving.  We have finally settled on a short list of names for Kiwi though I’m still open to adding additional name to the list.  Similar to when we had Jellybean we won’t make a final decision on his name until Kiwi is born.

Pregnancy Update: 8 months pregnant the 3rd trimester, pregnancy log | Life's Tidbits

Third Trimester: Month 8 in Review

Craving …

Ice cream.  Lots.

Feeling …

Tired and swollen.  I’ve started retaining water so my hands and feet/ankles are a bit more swollen now.  Sleeping is kind of a struggle given the pregnancy insomnia.  Thank goodness for napping or I would probably be a walking zombie at this point!

Missing …

My engagement and wedding rings.  I finally gave up wearing them.  My fingers are just a bit too swollen to wear them comfortably.

Wearing …

The same as last month.  All maternity clothes with the exception of a few pairs of sweatpants.  With the January weather in Bangkok being ever so slightly cooler than the normal I have started wearing my leggings more often than shorts.

Movement …

Baby boy is staying consistent with lots of movement!

Excited About …

Getting some organizing done.  We finally pulled out all the baby stuff we saved from Jellybean and sorted it.  Knowing what we have here in Bangkok already and what’s on it’s way via a shipment it was much easier to make a list of what we still need to buy.  The more we do in preparation for Kiwi’s arrival the more real and exciting it is!!

Monthly Highlight …

Spending some quality time with my parents.  Given we are literally half a world away from our families for this pregnancy it was nice to be with my parents while I’m pregnant.  My mom and dad got to feel Kiwi kick as well as see me pregnant in person.  FaceTime is a wonderful thing, but the truth is being in person is so much better!

Nervous About …

Never sleeping again.  Just kidding … kind of … well, not really … hahaha.  I remember thinking during Jellybean’s newborn stage “I now understand why sleep deprivation is a form of torture” and that thought/memory is somewhat seared into my brain.  My current inability to sleep makes me anxious about the sleep deprivation that is coming.

First vs. Second Pregnancy …

As of late the biggest difference between the two pregnancies is Kiwi gets the hiccups quite often and Jellybean didn’t.  In fact I’m not sure I ever felt Jellybean hiccup.  For me, feeling Kiwi hiccup is somewhat strange, I think because it’s a rhythmic versus being the inconsistent feeling of his punches and kicks.  Check out the recap of the 8th month from my first pregnancy!

Any pregnancy tidbits you care to share?  I would love to hear them!



I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving! Mine was great.  It was filled with family, lots of yummy food and a very cute Pomeranian.  I’m a couple weeks late with this post, but the 8th month is over and I’m in the home stretch of pregnancy.  It’s absolutely crazy to think there’s only one month left until we get to meet our little girl.

My friend Sara, from Photos from the Harty, took some maternity photos of me and the hubby, a few of which I plan to share in another post.  This shot of the belly did include my face, but I cropped it out so it would be kind of consistent with the other belly photos I’ve taken.  Here is the belly (ie present) at 35 weeks …

Baby Bump at 35 weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Log, Third Trimester, 8 Months | Life's Tidbits

Pregnancy Tidbits from Weeks 32 to 35

Random Tidbits

Toes –  My toes are no longer visible when I look down; thank you belly.  I can, however, still touch my toes, which I am super proud of!

Cravings – Cinnamon buns/rolls … yummalicious!  I am not even usually a cinnamon lover, but apparently Jelly is.


Swelling and Congestion – Continue!

Trouble Sleeping – I’m at the point where sleeping is difficult.  I’m super tired, but getting comfortable is well, a challenge.  It’s apparently nature’s way of getting me ready for motherhood. =)


Jellybean is on the move.  It’s so much fun to feel her move and kick.  Sometimes it’s like getting a massage from the inside and other times she just gives me a quick kick to the rib cage.  I appreciate every movement … even the ones that hurt a little!

Maternity Clothes

Oh yes maternity clothes are a must.  My belly is far too big for any of my “normal” clothes.  Only a little while longer and I will need some “in between” clothes.

Missing Anything?

Sleeping!  I know I will be getting up for feedings once Jellybean is here, but what I wouldn’t give right now for a just a couple solid and comfortable hours of good quality sleep.


My Baby Shower – My friend, Rebecca, threw me the cutest baby shower at the beginning of November.  It was so much fun to celebrate Jellybean’s impending arrival with so many of the amazing women in my life.  Let me just say my friends have fabulous taste in fashion … my little girl already has a large wardrobe and an outfit for almost any occasion!!  I would be remiss not to say a HUGE thank you to Rebecca for putting together and hosting such a perfect shower.

Looking Forward To…

 D-day!!  Both the husband and I are very much looking forward to Jellybean’s D-Day (delivery day).


Going into Labor at Work – All the books say having your water break isn’t really like it’s portrayed in the movies.  There is no huge puddle on the floor, however let’s be real … Who wants to have their water break at work?!  Even if you take the whole water breaking experience off the table the idea of getting from work to my house or to the hospital while having contractions makes me anxious.  Logically I know my chances of going into labor at work are probably pretty low I get a little  very nervous just thinking about it!

Only one more month to go. I can’t believe we are going to meet our baby before the end of the year (hopefully!).

Any pregnancy tidbits you care to share?  I would love to hear them!


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