A couple weekends ago when we went to the Cherry Blossom Festival we made a quick pit stop at the Sculpture Garden.  I quickly spanned a couple photos of the metal tree.  The picture below that is just a small piece of the tree grabbed my attention as I was editing the photos: blue sky, puffy white clouds and a little bit of art/culture thrown in.

Happy Friday and have a fabulous weekend!!

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Despite living in the District of Columbia I often forget to take advantage of all the touristy things there are to do.  One afternoon the husband and I went to see the Korean War Memorial.  As we were walking towards our final destination I snapped the photo below.  I didn’t even realize how the white puffy clouds seemed to pop in the beautifully blue the sky!  It’s funny how sometimes a picture can highlight details that I didn’t notice/appreciate in person.

Have a great weekend.  Happy Friday!

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