In July the hubby, Sophi and I went to Ocean City for a beach weekend with our friends and their little man {check out his Little Man/Mustache baby shower I threw here}.  Sophi is not really accustomed to sharing the spotlight or being around babies in general.  Overall I think she did great that weekend!  On the last day of the trip the two “babies” got up close and personal while playing on the floor.  Sophi mainly smelled him, while the little man tried to hug her.  This picture makes my heart melt … hopefully it is an indication Sophi will like Jellybean … a girl can hope, right?!!  How ADORABLE is this?


Happy Friday and have a fabulous weekend!!

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It was a whole 16 weeks since I last blogged until last week  … *hangs head in shame*.  I have been thinking about blogging and I even had a few posts 90% completed, but just couldn’t muster up the energy to complete them.  BUT here is the thing … I am back and have some great new tidbits to share with you.

For starters I guess I should provide you with my REALLY GOOD excuse for being an absentee blogger … wait for it … wait for it … are you ready?!?!



{Sorry for the bad camera phone photo … and as you can see from the tags I was trying to some new maternity pants}

Oh wow, oh my, yup, I just put that out there on the world wide web for the world to see!!  The husband and I are beyond thrilled to be adding a new member to our little family.  I’m not so sure Sophi, our dog, is going to feel the same way come December.  Poor little pup is about to have her world severely rocked.

At 22 weeks, I am just a little over 1/2 way through the pregnancy and it has been a wild ride so far!!!  The first trimester took a lot out of me.  There was morning sickness that lasted all day and “power naps” after work that were always 2-3 hours.  Luckily the second trimester is treating me a lot better than the first!  I feel like myself again … except that my clothes no longer fit and when I look down I can see my belly sticking out.  LOL.  So there you  have it … my excuse for not blogging.   Baking the bun in the oven briefly took precedence over blogging.  =)

I have a number of fun stories, tidbits and baby related projects to share with you in the coming weeks so I hope you will forgive me for being an absentee blogger.

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Each time we go to New York to visit my husband’s sister and her husband or when they come to visit us we do a little day trip someplace.  It’s really fun and this summer when they came for a visit I had a specific day trip already planned before they even arrived!  We packed a picnic lunch and headed to Great Falls Virginia for the day.  Since we had planned an all day out door adventure we brought the SophDog with us to Great Falls as well!  Sophi is surprisingly good a fitting her little paws in between the rocks and climbing around.  It was a great day and this is one of my favorite pictures from the day…

I’m definitely looking forward to the warm weather returning so we can head back to Great Falls for some picnicking and hiking.

Happy Friday!  I am so glad this was a short week … aren’t you?!


This picture was taken just a few weeks back.  We had just purchased these pillows from Crate & Barrel and Sophi took a liking to them immediately.  She started by squeezing herself in between the arm of the couch and the pillow.  My puppy is such a cutie!!

The husband thinks we will have a mutiny on our hands if we ever get rid of these pillows hahaha.  I mean look how sad she is when I pulled the pillow away from her  ….

Happy Friday!

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