That was the BIG questions!

I became slightly obsessed with the whole DIY thing for the wedding and wanted to make my own wedding programs.  And not any programs, but FAN programs that looked like so:

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I honestly thought getting married in August with a courtyard ceremony meant everyone would be sweating to death while we walked down the aisle and said our vows.  Little did I know it would torrential down pour that day and the beautiful courtyard ceremony I had pictured in my head would never happen.  Oh poor me … I mean getting married in a beautiful hotel really is the pits, isn’t it?!?! wink wink!  Here we are running from the white house back to the hotel as the rain clouds took over the sky.  So glad we got a few pics at the white house in between the rain!!

Photo Credit: Korie Lynn Photography

Okay so enough about my non-courtyard ceremony and back to the wedding programs.  My mother was a bigger fan of these fan programs because of the embossing:

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We honestly went back and forth SO many times about what the programs should look like.  My husband pretty much drew the line at another DIY project.  He thought making our wedding invitations was enough.  Not to mention the DIY escort cards, rehearsal dinner invites and menu cards.  With another DIY project out the husband said whatever made me happy would make him happy for the programs.  My mother and I went back and forth a number of times.

It soon came to the point where no matter where I ordered the wedding programs from I was going to have to pay for rushed shipping.  Most of them were set to arrive with standard shipping the Friday before our wedding.  Clearly that was just WAY too close to the wedding to chance it.  I finally found these:

Photo from beau-coup

The husband was on board, so was my mom and the MOH (my sister)! Win, win, win!! With everyone in agreements I ordered the programs immediately.  Luckily it arrived without any incorrect spelling!!  I’m not going to lie the purple color wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned, but I still loved how they came out.

Photo Credit: Sara without an H

The programs came with little holes in the bottom.  I purchases sparkly white ribbon (from Michael’s) to put through the hole.  My mom and dad spent a couple hours cutting the ribbon to size and putting them on the programs the Friday before the wedding.  Nothing like me waiting until the last minute! :)

So my advice to you – please order wedding programs at least a month or two before the wedding.  AND know your limits. DIY is awesome and all, however if you don’t your limit you will over extend yourself (and loved ones) instead of enjoying the projects they will end up stress you out.  I’m glad my husband knew where the line was for me. =)

Happy wedding planning!

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