This picture screams home/childhood to me.  While I love DC and do think of it as home there are somethings the nation’s capital just can’t deliver on … and the ocean is one of them.  Growing up in Massachusetts it was rare to go very long without seeing the ocean.  Nowadays I can go weeks, sometimes months, without actually seeing or smelling the ocean.

Last time the husband and I went to visit my parents and sister we spent a lovely day on the boat.  After snapping this photo of the lighthouse I made a mental note to edit it first when I got back to the city!  I’m thrilled with how it came out.  If only I could think of a good place in the condo to hang this picture … maybe the master bath … I’ll have to run that by the husband. =)

As the summer slowly draws to a close I thought this photograph was very fitting!!


Happy Friday and have a fabulous weekend!!

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