Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

I was reminiscing with the husband tonight about last year and there were a number of favorite days that quickly came to mind.  By far the best of 2011 included getting married and honeymooning in Italy. :) Here is one of my favorite pictures from our honeymoon:

This was taken in Positano, Italy on the very first night of our honeymoon. I mean the view from our hotel room was AAAHH-Mazing! Right??

In Positano we had the best bruschetta and gnocchi I have ever had in my entire life.  Sorrento had some pretty fabulous gnocchi as well (close second … almost a tie actually). :)


All the honeymoon and wedding talk made me realize it is time to share some wedding related tidbits with ya’ll.  DIY Escort/Photo Sharing Cards and Unique Bridal Shower gifts posts are coming up this week!

Happy New Year!

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