A couple weeks ago I shared a picture of the Washington Monument.  As I was reviewing the pictures from that day I realized there was one more shot from the day to share.  I love how the wings are fully extended for just one of the geese and the rest are just kind of chillin’. =)

Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!

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I’ve spent the past few weeks sharing my photos, but this week I wanted to change things up a bit.  Soooooo this week’s photo Friday was taken by Sara from Photos from the Harty!  Sara is not only a great friend, but she’s an amazing photographer!  Without further-a-do here’s a little note from Sara about her photo …

Hannah’s Special Day!  Preparing to walk down the aisle, Hannah is surrounded by her closest friends.  The day was prefect.  The weather was warm, the breeze was gently blowing, and love was all around.  The sun set over the ocean as Hannah and Brad said, “I do.”  I couldn’t have been happier to be part of their special day!

Happy Friday!!!

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This was taken on a warm summer day when the husband and I walked across the Arlington Memorial Bridge.  I had no idea what these statues were called, however Wiki tells me they are The Arts of War sculptures.  Did you know what they were called?  If not, then it is not only Photo Friday, but Fun Fact Friday too!

Happy Friday and have a fantastic weekend!

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Despite living in the District of Columbia I often forget to take advantage of all the touristy things there are to do.  One afternoon the husband and I went to see the Korean War Memorial.  As we were walking towards our final destination I snapped the photo below.  I didn’t even realize how the white puffy clouds seemed to pop in the beautifully blue the sky!  It’s funny how sometimes a picture can highlight details that I didn’t notice/appreciate in person.

Have a great weekend.  Happy Friday!

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