I’m a little bit behind in this post given the little one is almost 4 months old.  Time just keeps getting away from me – it’s crazy!  Sadly I officially turned in my stay-at-home-mommy hat and put on my bringing-home-the-bacon-mommy hat this month.  It has definitely been an adjustment for baby and mama, but probably harder on me than my  little one.  Being separated during the day has gotten easier though I would be lying if I said I didn’t still miss her terribly.  It would have been nice to put my career on hold for a couple more months (or even a year), however that just wasn’t in cards for us.  I feel fortunate to have been able to stay home for 12 weeks … I bow down to you mamas who go back to work after just 6 weeks!

I had a lot of fun doing Jellybean’s 3 month photo shoot, but I also learned some valuable lessons on the photography side of things.  Although I thought it would be easier to do the photo shoot with help it was actually more complicated.  JB kept looking at my husband and mother-in-law instead of at the camera.  For her four month photos I will probably go back to doing it solo like the one and two month shoots.



Jellybean is sleeping anywhere from 3 to 7 hours in a row during the night, which I redefined as 7pm to 8am.  She will wake 1-2 time during the night to eat and go back to bed fairly easily.  I am looking forward to the days of consistent sleep, but I will take those nights of 7 hours of sleep in a row with no questions asked!  =)

We have her on a pretty good night time routine of playing, bath, book (sometimes if she isn’t too tired) followed by a bottle/rocking and then directly to bed.  It’s been working pretty well for us so far.  I’m ever so hopeful of some sort of daytime routine in the near future.


She eats about 3-4 oz at each of her 6-7 feedings per day.  We had to increase her ounces per serving from the 2-3 we were originally offering.  The doctor explained she should eat approximately 2 to 2.5 times her body weight per day.  Ever since we’ve increased how much we offer her she has been able to wait longer between feedings, which is really nice!


She’s wearing all of her 0-3 and 3 month clothing.  A few of her 6 month clothes are starting to fit.  The 6 month clothes mainly fit her in length and are still quite large in the belly area.  I’m not really sure how she’s pulling it off, but she’s tall … unlike her mum and dad!


Smiles and “giggles”/coos more frequently.  Though you still have to work for it, she’s handing out more smiles by the day.

Rolling over from back to tummy.  She rolled for the first time on  a Saturday morning.  The husband, my mother-in-law and I were all sitting around and JB was on her play mat.  Out of no where she slowly started to roll.  I started screaming for my husband and MIL to pay attention.  Then she was on her belly with one arm stuck under her body … poor kiddo couldn’t figure out how to get it out at first.  I was beyond excited her first time was when I was around and not while she was with the nanny!!

Goodbye pacifier and HELLO hands.  She’s totally over her pacifiers.  She will briefly suck on them, spit it out and shove not one, but BOTH of her hands into her mouth.


What is your favorite tidbit from your baby’s third month?

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11 Thoughts on “3 Months Old {Jellybean}

  1. So adorable esp with the headpiece! I always wished that I have chronicled my son’s development & milestones like this! Cuz it is nice to go back and read it like keeping memories in a treasure chest. #magicmoments

  2. What stunning photos, she is such a little cutie. Seems like a lifetime ago that Monkey was that size! #magicmoments

  3. Really cute pictures! I love The headband! Lookimg forward to see the becoming months.

    Thank you for linking up with the #pinitparty

    • Nicole on April 29, 2014 at 6:35 PM said:

      Thanks! I’m obsessed with the headbands on Etsy. I’ve had to keep myself on a tight lease so I don’t buy too may =)

  4. I’m sorry I just can’t get over that beautiful photo!

  5. What a DOLL!!! I LOVE the picture with the stuffed animal’s face and Jellybean’s face are both looking straight at the camera :) And oh, those baby smiles are heart melting.

  6. awww is it me or is time just flying? she is so gorgeous bless her!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  7. Kathy on May 2, 2014 at 6:10 PM said:

    She is soooo adorable and precious!!! I can’t wait to meet her! I’m glad you are able to enjoy her and work at the same time. I’m sure she is not suffering one bit, certainly looks happy and healthy!!!

  8. She. Is. Precious!! Gives me baby fever, and I am done having kids! I loved that age with my kids…it felt like we were getting into a routine and the smiles at that age are the BEST!!

    Thanks for linking up at Wordy Wednesday and sharing your sweet baby’s pictures! Loved seeing them.

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