Let me set the scene, so to speak.  It’s my first Mother’s Day and overall it was a very busy, yet perfect, day.  There have been a few isolated bouts of crying, but those were mostly a result of Jellybean being overtired.

We took Jellybean to meet my grandmother, Mamma, for the first time.  JB took a liking to Mamma immediately (no shock there – all kids and animals love her).  A few photos were snapped to capture the precious moments of great-grandmother and great-granddaughter in all their cuteness glory.  Before we left Mamma took the opportunity to encourage the husband and me to have another baby … and maybe try for a boy this time she added.  Oh boy (pun intended) … why is it you have one kid and everyone immediately asks about the next?!


After the meet and greet we headed to my sister’s for a yummy Mother’s Day brunch.  Sadly, the day was flying by (pun not intended) and it was time to head to the airport.

Jellybean took a nap on the way to Logan Airport.  Security was a breeze.  There was no line and JB was all smiles for the security guards.  As we stood at the gate JB shrieked with glee and posed for a couple of adorable photos.

As people boarded the plane, many stopped to say ‘Happy 1st Mother’s Day’ and commented on JB’s big beautiful blue eyes and/or her adorable smile.

As the flight took off we fed Jellybean a bottle. Right about the time we reach 30,000 feet she let one rip! O.H. M.Y. GOODNESS did she smell horrible. I giggled to myself and smiled as the husband said “Was that her?” to which I simply replied “yup!”

Only minutes later did my first mother’s day turn into a $h!T show. Yup I said it!

And then … we became ‘THOSE’ people on the plane.

Jellybean had a serious blow out. In fact it was so bad, the disaster extended to my clothing as well.  The smells drifted in the air-tight cabin, with nowhere else to go.  There was no changing table option in the bathroom.  We were almost at the flight’s drink service, and soon there would be large silver carts in the aisle.  After a few horrified glances at my husband, we realized there was no other option. We stripped her naked and attempted to change her right then and there in the main cabin, feces and all.

She screamed while we worked as fast as we possibly could to rectify the situation. She was in a strange place, wiggling over seat, caught in the seat belt and between arm rests. Thank goodness for the poopy bags I had put into the diaper bag. We wound up using six of them, along with one air sickness bag (sorry U.S. Airways). Without the bags to contain the mess as well as the smell we would have been in serious trouble!!

The people surrounding us didn’t say a word. They adverted their eyes. While some were probably thankful they weren’t us I’m pretty sure others were less than pleased with us.  In all honesty, we were doing the absolute best we could.

One relatively clean child and two very embarrassed parents arrived at DCA shortly after 7pm.  We pilled into a cab and (secretly) prayed the cab-ie didn’t smell the blow out disaster on us.  Jellybean went directly into the tub after dropping the bags on the floor.  She happily played with her frogs as we thoroughly scrubbed bathed her.

We were ever so thankful when she went to bed without any fussing.   And then … we remembered we had a bag full of feces to tend to.  Oh what a stinky end to my Mother’s Day it was!! =)

Anyone else have a funny story they care to share?!

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22 Thoughts on “A Blowout at 30,000 Feet

  1. Oh my goodness, that’s hilarious!

  2. Haha making a smelly mark there =P


  3. Jerry Bowen on May 20, 2014 at 7:10 AM said:

    The joys of parenthood! :-)

  4. love this post! the beautiful joys of parenting :) x

  5. Kathy on May 20, 2014 at 4:53 PM said:

    Too funny Nicole!! At least next year you won’t be saying ” what did we do last Mother’s day?” JB managed to give you a day you probably will never forget!!! P.S, She is absolutely beautiful!!!!

  6. Oh my gosh I couldn’t stop laughing. Life is nothing without these moments that make some memories we wish had never happened!

  7. Oh dear, bless her, and you! Talk about a (smelly!) time in the air! These stories will be the most treasured ones when she is all grown up. Definitely a mothers day to remember. ;)

  8. LOL, it always happens at the worst possible time, doesn’t it? At least you were prepared with supplies!!

  9. Kids have the worst timing! I know it wasn’t funny at the time, but it’s hysterical!! :)

  10. Oh no! I’m so sorry. At least you have a funny story to tell.

  11. Lucas says – That’s my Girl!!!! She would make an awesome member of the GL Gang for that one story alone. High-5’s to JB for being so fabulous xx #sharewithme

  12. How funny – seriously giggling here. They have such a unique sense of timing don’t they? One of my favourite posts of the week xx #sharewithme

    • Nicole on May 22, 2014 at 7:42 PM said:

      Yes it’s very true it’s like the blow outs are perfectly timed to test my parenting ability :) Thanks so much for stopping by!

  13. Oh bless you both! But silver lining to the madness? It’s one hell of a story to tell the Grandkids one day! lol. x #magicmoments

    • Nicole on May 22, 2014 at 7:43 PM said:

      I think this is a good story to reserve for her first date or when she’s dating a guy we don’t approve of *wink wink* … but the grandkids would probably enjoy it as well :)

  14. WOW what a mothers day to remember indeed. Well I can’t laugh and I can almost cry with embarrassment for you as I have been in this exact position more than once but one in particular had me dying inside and almost vomiting on myself on a flight where there was turbulence and we were not allowed to go to the restroom. My first born was only 6 months old and he had explosive everywhere all over his clothes us the seat. Everywhere and to make matters worse as first time newbies we laid him in the seat to change him and it oozed out all over the seat and in between the seat which means it went onto the luggage of the people behind us as their bags were under our seat. We panicked the plane smelled horrible the whole way home and we ran so fast off that plane to never be seen again and prayed the poo stayed in between the seats and not on the luggage underneath. I know bad parent moments but we will cherish them in years to come and give us a story to tell and laugh at. But I so can feel your pain here. lol Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. You have a great blog here and I hope to see you again soon. #sharewithme

    • Nicole on May 27, 2014 at 5:47 PM said:

      Oh my goodness Jenny! I couldn’t stop laughing … I had to read this to my husband. He said poo between the seats would have certainly upped the ante :) Got to love how the cutest babies can make the biggest messes! Thanks for sharing your story.

  15. That is too funny! What a story to tell!:)

  16. How funny! Don’t kids have the best timing #sharewithme

  17. Blowouts are the worst…I can’t even imagine one at 30,000 feet!! Holy cow. Glad it was you and not me. ;) Happy Mother’s Day, and thanks for linking up at Wordy Wednesday!

  18. Ha. Newborn blowouts. SO the worst. And my first mother’s day was spent at the doctor’s cause I was worried about my daughter’s eating habits. And they haven’t been all too great since. *Sigh*

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