… well ladies and gentlemen it’s a real thing. I know. I know. Say it aint so! But, well, it just is.  I’m talking about the phenomena of somehow having amnesia about pregnancy after child birth.

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If you are pregnant for the first time or maybe even the second or third (you go girl!) you are quite possibly thinking I am cray cray (yup cray cray I said it, what what!).  How could one EVER forget what pregnancy is like?

**I think lack of sleep and a lot of caffeine is giving me a little extra spunk today LOL.**

Calling – crazy party of one … slash thousands of other women all around the world who have come down with the same post pregnancy amnesia!

I read about this ‘amnesia’ thing-a-ma-bobby during my pregnancy and thought there is simply NO WAY. No way one could forget how this feels. I mean …

  • I am hot and “glowing”, like ALL the time
  • my fingers and feet are incredibly swollen
  • that belly of mine is HUGE. No I take that back belly is gi-freaking-normus and …
  • what about all the inappropriate things people say to pregnant ladies … thank you to the woman at work who asked me if I was ‘sure I wasn’t having twins’.
  • do I still have feet, because I. CANNOT. SEE. THEM!!!

And as someone who is almost 7 months post postpartum those were just a few of my not so amazing memories of being pregnant (after putting some thought into it).

Up until a few weeks ago I would have been right there with you. Pregnancy amnesia is a lie, a myth, just plain silly. Period.

And then … I off handily said to my husband “I miss being pregnant.”

He just looked at me. Smiled that gentle smiled of his (maybe it’s his you are a crazy woman smile, but whatevs) and replied “Babe, are you sure?”.

My response “Yes.” And I said it with some serious confidence.  To make good on my comment I followed it up with “I mean I miss having her with me all day long and the little kicks/movements she made.  And then of course there was the excitement and anticipation of her arrival.  Oh and having the baby bump was so fun.”


What?! Baby bump was fun … yup I’ve gone completely loco or pregnancy amnesia just has to be a real thing.

I even read my ‘Eviction Notice‘ post and the reality of being SO DONE with being pregnant flooded back to me … any yet … I still miss being pregnant.  Just a little bit.

The ‘not so fun’ aspects of pregnancy seem to easily fade into the abyss while the fun and happy preggo memories stand center stage.  Hindsight is 50/50 and all that. I guess.

So does this mean I’m ready for baby #2? Nope. Does this mean I have baby delivery (aka cesarean) amnesia? That would be a double NOPE!

I am not one of those women who just loved being pregnant (I know there are ladies out there who do), but it seems I might have enjoyed it more than I thought I did at the time. =)

Have you ever had a bout of the {not so} mythical pregnancy amnesia? Please tell me you have!





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11 Thoughts on “Pregnancy Amnesia

  1. I love this post. I TOTALLY get pregnancy amnesia. I think I also suffer from labour amnesia. I believe that I have been known to refer to it as empowering and other such twaddle!!! I understand what you mean about missing the kicks and having the baby with you (inside you) all the time. It gets to be so comforting and I did miss it once she was born. I believe that this amnesia is necessary for the continuation of the human race. Otherwise, women would never go there again. Hugs Mrs H xxxx #sharewithme

    • Nicole on July 29, 2014 at 9:23 AM said:

      We absolutely need the amnesia to make us want to do it again hehehe. I hope my labor amnesia kicks in at some point soon :)

  2. I am like this all the time everytime I see a pregnancy lady I think I miss being pregnant so much and then every time my kids hit yet another milestone I think man I need another baby to fill the house with goos and gagas and miss that bump once again. I think we all get the pregnancy amnesia for sure. You aren’t alone. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Sorry for the delay in commenting we had no power for two days. Catching up now. #sharewithme

  3. Haha! Perfect!!

    It’s TOTALLY true! We’re so confident we’ll remember all the ‘big’ moments in life… And maybe we will remember some of them!! But a 9 month long ‘moment’ no way! Of course we’ve isolated just a few of the best memories… Then since those are all we’ve chosen to remember, we think that’s how it was – all 9 months of it!!


  4. I tell my husband I miss being pregnant all the time!
    Thanks for coming by WYWW! :)

  5. Haha I’m with you on this. I am pregnant with baby number 4 right now and already thinking about how I’ll miss it when I’m done. And that’s with me fresh out of HG hell!!!!
    x x x

  6. Laughing Out Loud!! SO true! I had the worst delivery of my three with my third and I thought the same thing the other day. Even still…I’m not brave enough to do it again! Thanks for sharing with What You Wish Wednesday. Come back tomorrow!

  7. And THIS is why we continue to have children!! I can so relate.

    Thanks for linking up at Wordy Wednesday!

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