You know you have some really fun and amazing friends when they travel, literally, half way around the world to see you.  Three of my favorite ladies came to Bangkok for a visit and we took a side trip to Koh Samui.  It was quite a whirl wind having them in town and we really packed a lot into the relatively short trip.

After a jam packed day of sightseeing around Bangkok we jumped on a plane to Koh Samui!  We headed for the Chaweng Beach, which had some great reviews and did not disappoint.  The OZO Chaweng Samui was our home for the two day trip.

The pool was gorgeous, the beach front mandalas were heaven and the rooms, though small, were clean and very much met our needs for the weekend.  I would stay at the OZO again with the just the husband or for a girls weekend, but if we were to travel with Jellybean I think we would need to book a bigger room.

After grabbing a very late dinner we headed to bed!


Day 1: Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui

Chaweng beach is beautiful and we enjoyed the day by hanging by the beach, swimming in the ocean/pool and indulging in a little shopping.




The day was fabulous, but I think the night was truly a highlight of the trip.  We went to Big Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Yai) around sunset.  The Buddha was worth the short taxi ride.  After seeing the Buddha, we had a drink at Sunset by Angelina.  The view was picturesque and the drinks were quite delicious!


We headed to Fisherman’s Village after our drink and walked in and out of the shops while we made our way to CoCo Tam’s.  The ambiance was super cute and fits the hangout by the beach vibe of Koh Samui perfectly.

Coco Tam's in Koh Samui, Thailand | Life's Tidbits

An important thing to note about CoCo Tam’s is it is not a restaurant so eat dinner before grabbing a seat for the fire show. We went to Restaurant Krua Bophut for dinner, which is right next to CoCo Tam’s. 

The Fire Dancer show on the beach starts around 10:30pm and is NOT to be missed!

Fire Dancing Koh Samui, Thailand | Life's Tidbits

Day 2: Angthong National Marine Park Speedboat Tour

All of day 2 was spent on a speedboat tour of some of the small islands near Koh Samui.  Snorkeling at Koh Wao, a sightseeing hike at Koh Mae Koh followed by lunch at Koh Paluay and hanging on the beach as well as kayaking at Song Pee Nong beach.  It was a fun filled day!

Angthong National Marine Park Speedboat Tour in Thailand | Life's Tidbits

Song Pee Nong beach in Thailand | Life's Tidbits

It was a fabulous 2 days in Koh Samui.  The girls trip was a huge success!!  I hope the hubby, Jellybean and I make it back to Koh Samui sometime before we move back to the States next year.





Travel Monkey
Best of Worst

It’s Frrrrriday!!!  It’s been a busy week and I’m totally ready for the weekend!  What about you?  We are keeping it low key this weekend as we are traveling and having friends in town for the next 2 weekends.

One of my biggest favorites as of late is talking to Jellybean.  Toddlers say the darnedest things, don’t they?!  Her vocabulary has been rapidly growing and the bigger it gets the more hilarious and cute things she says.

For example, on the taxi ride to school the other day we were discussing that she was going school, Daddy was at work and I was going to go home after dropping her off.  Clearly she needed to keep tabs on everyone. :)  She follows that convo up with …

Jellybean – Mommy you go home and pway.
Me – What should I play with?
Jellybean – You make a tower. Otay?
Me – Okay JB, I will make a tower when I get home.  {smirking a little}

Jellybean also has become obsessed with motor-bi-cles.  It is not a motorcycle or motorbike … it is a motor-bi-cle … otay?!  I can’t get enough.  It’s just too stinking cute.  She counts them, points them out or says {read screams, as loudly as possible} the color of said motor-bi-cle that she has in her sights.  And, at least once a day while crossing the street I am told ‘watch where you are going Mommy, there are moter-bi-cles’.  Thanks for the heads up JB!

And now for some of my non-toddler related favorites…

Let’s start with the picture below of the fire dancers in Koh Samui from last weekend.  The show was fantastic and watching it with some of my favorite friends from DC made it all the more special.  A post should be up next week about our trip to Koh Samui, stay tuned!

Fire Dancing in Koh Samui Thailand

Totally loving this lip screen WITH spf 50 it is a-freaking-mazing!  My friend introduced it to me last weekend in Koh Samui (yay for a girls weekend!).

I’m also eyeing some super affordable Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses in rose gold.  I love sunglasses.  I feel like they can make or break an outfit, or swimsuit.  Agree or disagree?

Cinnamon roll cake, um, yeah, GET IN MY BELLY!!!  This needs to happen asap, but I need an excuse.  Who wants to come over for brunch?

Love this – Can’t A Stay-At-Home Mom Get A Little Love?

I wish Jellybean was in need of some new swimsuits there are so many cute ones currently on sale.  This swimsuit for a girl is fabulous and if I had a boy I would go for this lemon print one.

What are you up to this weekend?  What are some of your current favorites?


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