It’s almost time to call our wedding stuff a wrap, but before I do I MUST, must, must share with you my DC bridal shower.  My girls planned a lingerie bridal shower for me which was fabulous and the details were perfection.  The Newlywed Game was was pretty hilarious.   Before the bridal shower they asked my husband questions about the me and our relationship.  Then I was asked the same questions.  For each question I got wrong I had to chew a piece of bubble gum.

In the picture on the left we are all laughing and my sister is passing me some gum since I got a question wrong.  In the picture on the right I am clearly hesitant about the next question that will be asked.

Although I did pretty well I was definitely drooling because I was chewing so much bubble gum by the end of the game.  Do you see the tissue/napkin in my hand … yes I was starting to drool LOL.  That bubble gum is JUICY I tell you!  To go with the lingerie theme my cousin (who is insanely talented in the cake baking/designing department) made this beautiful cake:

I believe it is two sheet pan cakes – one for the base and one for the body – and the boobs were cupcakes.  I’ve been dying for a friend to have a lingerie themed bridal shower or bachelorette.  I would love to attempt to make this cake.  I found one blog that gave step by step instructions on how to make the cake, but it has recently been removed … POUT!  I should have copied the direction as soon as I found the blog – lesson learned.

And because one DIY baked good just wouldn’t do my sister and my mom’s friend made a second.  They made butt/lingerie cookies for all bridal shower guests.  Not only were the cookies yummy, they were so cute!  But these cookies are hard to transport.  The cookies pictured below were among the survivors from the 1.5 hour flight to DC from Boston.  Luckily they planned ahead and made extra in the event that some of the cookies broke during their travel time.  It’s strongly recommended you don’t travel too much with these little guys or they might get ruined.

So what did they need to make these cookies you might ask …

  1. Sugar Cookie Recipe
  2. Heart shaped cookie cutter
  3. White Frosting mixed with different food coloring
  4. Frosting bags and tips

I Facebooked my mom’s friend and she was kind enough to give me some tips on how to make these cookies come out right.   “I used a rolled sugar cookie dough.  Rolled it out and cut them into heart shapes. as soon as they came out of the oven, I cut off the tip end of the cookie, forming the butt part.  It was a lot of trial and error.  I tried doing that before I cooked them, but it didn’t work. they would swell and spread and not even look like a ‘fat butt’. ”  Thanks for the tips Kathy!!  Then the frosting bags were filled with tips and frosting.  From there you just decorate each individual cookie.

The husband showed up at the end of the shower to have dessert with me and all my lovely ladies.  My dad was there as well … don’t worry we wouldn’t leave him out.  :)  As folks were picking out their cookies and saying goodbye I snapped this fun picture of my little sister and husband.  I LOVE the picture and THEM!!!

The shower was SO much fun!  Do you like the cake and butt cookies?  I know I do!!!

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A few weeks ago we celebrated our 1 year anniversary!  Although we got a ton of fantastic wedding gifts one of the best and most unique gifts we received was a gift certificate to Virginia Bed and Breakfasts.  After researching and deliberating on where we wanted to go and stay we decided upon The Inn at Court Square.  This little bed and breakfast is SO cute.  This place is decorated perfectly.  The wall were a Tiffany blue and the whole room had so much character.

Look at my adorable husband attempting to get out of the way of the picture.  Sorry babe you are totally still in the shot. :)  And because it was our anniversary the husband had a bottle of prosecco waiting for us when we arrived.  We drank some wine and then we headed off to dinner at Maya.

Saturday morning we did our last minute planning of which wineries we were planning to hit.  The last time we were in Charlottesville we went to Barboursville and Horton wine vineyards so those were out this time.  We were definitely up for trying some new places.  The first stop was Jefferson Vineyards.

After a very lovely wine tasting and purchasing three bottles of wine (white, rose and red) from Jefferson Vineyard we headed to Sugarleaf.  The Sugarleaf Vineyard was packed so they did our tasting outside.  Honestly it was a fantastic idea.  We enjoyed the nature view and the beautiful weather while tasting their wines.

We purchased two bottles of wine and some chocolate infused with wine.  Chocolate plus wine YES PLEASE!  Clearly my sweet tooth was taking over when I pretty much insisted we buy the chocolate sauce.  Then we headed off to our last stop and probably my favorite vineyard of the day, Pippin Hill Farm Vineyards.  The view was AMAZING, the wine was fantastic and the food was yummy!!!

During our wine tasting we realized a snack was necessary.  When we had first arrived a number people were eating sliders and omg did they look good.  Unfortunately they were really good, therefore they were all sold out by the time we ordered them … bummer!  We ended up getting a salad and cheese board.  It was super yummy and I totally forgot to take a picture of the food before we had already finished it.  Anyways this was the amazing view we had while we had a glass of wine and our snack.

I definitely want to go back to Pippin Hill Farm Vineyards someday soon.  Their food, wine and view were all spot on.  It was the perfect place to end our little winery tour.  We got a couple of bottles of wine from here as well … can you say a stocked wine rack??  After a long and fun day of wine tasting we headed back to the B&B.

It was a great anniversary weekend and so nice to get out of the city for a little while.  Have you been to any of these vineyards?  What’s your favorite vineyard in VA?

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A few months ago I was talking to my friends about how much I loved my first visit to Missouri to visit my in-laws.  Long story kind of short … after picking me up from the airport my husband drove us to his parent’s place.  As we took a left and drove down the gravel road to their house, I saw an old school John Deer tracker driving down the road.  I was so excited and couldn’t stop talking about it all weekend.  Of course this was hilarious to my husband and his family, as they see tractors ALL the time!  On Sunday before we left, my mother and father-in-law broke out their tractor and allowed me to drive it.  Check me out!!

Anyways, while telling my friends this story I started talking about how I need to experience more Midwestern things.  It took me very little time to decide I wanted to go to a real live rodeo.  After mentioning the idea of going to a rodeo to my mother-in-law she was on it, sending a list of rodeos this summer.  Soooo back in July I to my very first rodeo!

Northeastern girl goes to the Midwest and channels her inner cowgirl!!!

The rodeo had a lot of great food!  Do you see the sign that says Cheese Cake on a Stick?!?!  I wish I had tried one … maybe next time.

First up was the mutton busting.  Have you heard of this before?  I know I hadn’t.  Check out these super cute little kids hanging onto a sheep for dear life.

It was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!  I want my some-day-kids to do mutton busting, but I’m not really sure they have those kind of activities in the DC area. :)  Next favorite thing was the bucking broncos.  These horses were coming off the ground trying to get the cowboys off of them.  It was crazy to watch.

Unfortunately the pictures I took of the bull riding just didn’t come out.   The flash was bouncing off the bar in front of us and I just didn’t get a good shot.  Therefore no good shots to share with you here.  Pout.  Maybe next time I will get a good shot.  Here’s the husband and I enjoying our first married rodeo adventure.  This was taken right before the bull riding started.

At the end of the rodeo they had fireworks and then it was time to head home.

Next time I go to a rodeo a cowgirl hat and boots are a MUST!!!  Have you ever been to a rodeo?

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A year ago I married my best friend and love of my life.  Our special day feels like so long ago and yet at the same time like it was yesterday.  It is one of those days I would absolutely love to relive.  Exactly a year late my husband and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary in style!  After a romantic weekend away in Charlottesville we celebrated the actual big day with a glass of wine on the balcony followed by dinner at Tosca.  Tosca has some AAAmazing Italian food!!  If you go to this place you MUST MUST MUST try the Rosemary and thyme fettuccine with a roasted leg of lamb ragu and braised artichokes … it’s absolutely to die for!

After an amazing dinner we headed home to eat cake.  And not just any cake, but the top of our wedding cake!  I’m curious how this tradition of freezing the top layer of your wedding cake and eating it on your one year anniversary came about, but in any case we honored this tradition.  My mother-in-law wrapped the cake up for us and let’s just say she rocked it.  This cake top looks just like it did 364 days ago!

Even the top looks great and I have to admit we piled a stuff on top of it at some point.

How yummy does this look?  It’s almost like the perfect slice.

Although the cake wasn’t nearly as good as it was a year ago it was fun to eat our wedding cake on our 1 year anniversary.  Given how amazing our first year of marriage was and fun our first anniversary was the husband and I really set a high standard for the rest of our lives.  :)

Did you eat the top of your wedding cake on your 1 year anniversary?  How did it taste?

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