Bridal showers are so much fun, but when it comes to opening the gifts you see a ton of the same stuff at each shower.  Glasses, mixing bowls, towels, baking sheets and well you get the point.  Sometimes it’s fun to get something not on the registry and I’m not talking about the re-gifted item or one that you don’t know what to do with when you get home ;)

Option 1

At both my shower and my girlfriend’s shower we got a version of the coolest gift idea.  I’ve been trying to come up with a proper name for this thing, but can’t … so let’s just go with “wine basket”.  

Mine …

Wine Basket Life's Tidbits

A poem was on each bottle describing when we should drink the wine.  In addition it came with wine bottle accessories such as chocolate, picnic blanket, fire cd and stoppers.  Each extra item went with a bottle.

My Friends …

Photo Credit: Sara Without an H

These had HAND MADE labels (so much artistic talent) and again said the circumstance to drink the wine.

I mean really, how cool are those!?!?!  The best part about this type of gift is it is totally customizable.  It is also wallet adjustable since you can modify the number of bottles of wine and accessories you purchase.

Option 2

Now this item I haven’t actually seen been given at a shower (YET!), but I think it would be a fabulous shower gift.  It’s a “Mrs. Hanger” for the bride’s wedding dress.  You can find these all over Etsy.  If the bride isn’t taking her husband’s last name you could also have the hanger personalized with Bride, I Do or something else along those lines.

I purchased the tiffany blue hanger with the notches (these are key to keeping the dress on the hanger).  The blue hanger doubled for as an extra something blue on the big day. 

Take a look …

Note: This is a camera phone picture

I just LOVED the hanger. It added a little something extra for the dress pictures and I got a ton of compliments on it. Sorry I just had to thrown in a couple pictures of my dress here.  Oh and the hanger too =)

Korie Lynn Photography
Photo Credit: Korie Lynn Photography

I’m dying for more unique bridal shower gift ideas, so please do add a comment with your non traditional gift tidbits.

Happy gift giving!!


Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

I was reminiscing with the husband tonight about last year and there were a number of favorite days that quickly came to mind.  By far the best of 2011 included getting married and honeymooning in Italy. :) Here is one of my favorite pictures from our honeymoon:

This was taken in Positano, Italy on the very first night of our honeymoon. I mean the view from our hotel room was AAAHH-Mazing! Right??

In Positano we had the best bruschetta and gnocchi I have ever had in my entire life.  Sorrento had some pretty fabulous gnocchi as well (close second … almost a tie actually). :)


All the honeymoon and wedding talk made me realize it is time to share some wedding related tidbits with ya’ll.  DIY Escort/Photo Sharing Cards and Unique Bridal Shower gifts posts are coming up this week!

Happy New Year!


My life is a compilation of the small things, tidbits, that day to day, week to week, and year to year make me … well me!  I love photography, cooking, hanging out with friends and most recently wedding DIY projects … oh and course my little dog, Sophi!!

I was in part inspired to start this blog by my recent wedding, but it’s more than that.  I love sharing recipes, DIY tips, and more with my friends, coworkers and family.  Not to mention all the fabulous stuff they share with me!!  My girlfriends and I instituted a monthly wine and cheese night.  It is a nice way for us all to catch up on what’s been going on in our lives.  At each girl’s night the topics are different.  From food, traveling, books and party planning to babies, decorating and renting or buying a home … everyone has their own tidbit to share.  Life’s Tidbits is a way to share all these fun and useful tips and ideas with a broader audience.

Enjoy … and don’t forget to share your life’s tidbits with us along the way. :)

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