Despite my best of intentions I’ve totally failed at taking bump pictures.  I had planned on keeping up my silhouette photos, however I haven’t so the picture below is the best I’ve got.  My sister asked to see the bump one day when I was at the gym so I took a quick pick with my iPhone.  I’m completely unable to explain that weird smirk on my face, but at least I have some kind of documentation of the bump during the 6th month!


Second Trimester: Month 6 in Review

Craving …

fruit {still}, ice cream and peanut butter.  Peanut butter on an English muffin in the morning is probably my favorite thing right now.

Feeling …

Pretty good!  I’m still in the sweet spot of the pregnancy and generally feeling well.  The bump is starting to get to a point of being a ‘substantial’ bump so definitely starting to feel bigger.  I was feeling a bit worn-out and decided to stop my weight training and kickboxing routine.  Instead I’ve been doing a lot more walking as well as starting a prenatal pilates class, which I’m really enjoying.

Missing …

nothing really.

Wearing …

all maternity clothes with the exception of a few pairs of sweatpants, yoga pants and a sweatshirt that oddly still fits.  The sweatshirt’s days are certainly numbered!

Movement …

So many little punches and kicks!  It’s really fun to feel Kiwi move and his movements seem to get stronger by the day.  He loves to party while I’m trying to sleep, which can sometimes makes falling asleep difficult.  I really don’t mind though.  I love feeling him move.

Excited About …

Moving into the 3rd trimester.

Monthly Highlight …

This month the highlight was our trip to Chiang Mai.  We had a friend visiting from the States and decided to take the opportunity to do a little exploring outside of Bangkok.  The mini vacation was a lot of fun.  We managed to cram a lot into the long weekend and even spent a morning hanging with the elephants!  I was a little hesitant to be do the elephants excursion while pregnant, but it was a highlight of the weekend and I’m SO glad we did it.

Nervous About …

Jellybean acclimating to life as a big sister.  We’ve been doing as much as we can to help prepare her for the change, but I know there will be an adjustment period.  That said, Jellybean is already so sweet and loving towards the baby bump.  Every night she kisses and hugs my belly before bed.  I’m not allowed to touch her while she does this … I’m told it’s ‘Kiwi’s hug’ not mine.  Too cute, right?!  She also loves to feel the baby kick and will sometimes tell me ‘Kiwi is saying hi sister’.  My heart melts EVERY TIME!  If you are on the lookout for a good big sister book we are loving Little Big Girl.

First vs. Second Pregnancy …

I don’t have the congestion or snoring that I had with my first pregnancy.  This could be in part because of the different climate, but it seems to be this is just a different pregnancy. Checkout my recap of my 6 month with Jellybean.

Any pregnancy tidbits you care to share?  I would love to hear them!



The baby is a approximately 2 lbs now!!  My belly gets bigger by the week and it feels like I am rubbing bellies with anyone I hug LOL.  When I look down the only thing I see are my toes and sometimes a portion of the tops of my feet.  :)  Here is the belly at 27 weeks and 6 days …  picture was posted on Instagram yesterday:


Pregnancy Tidbits from Weeks 23-27

Random Tidbits

Gender – Jellybean is STILL a girl!  Why “still” you might be asking?  Since finding out the gender of our little one people have told us numerous stories of the ultrasound technician saying the baby was a girl and then on the day of the baby’s birth … BOOM it’s a boy!  I’m pretty confident about Jellybean’s gender as we’ve been fortunate to have it confirmed by three different technicians at three separate appointments.  So … JB is still a girl!

Gestational Diabetes Test – Came by NEGATIVE.  YAY!

Due Date – December 23, 2013.  Even if she’s late I’m praying for a 2013 baby and not 2014 :)

Wedding Rings – Are still on!

Strangers – have started to acknowledge the pregnancy.  Some people look at the belly, then at me and smile while others engage me in conversation.  They inquire about the due date and gender or give advise on parenting.  Luckily none of these strangers have attempted to touch the belly … yet!


Congestion and Heavy Breathing … OK it’s Snoring  – At night I have been experiencing some congestion and snoring.  Though I have certainly woken the husband up on numerous occasions to point out (read complain) that he is snoring I don’t think he has ever woken me up.  Enter day 173 of pregnancy … at 3am … Husband – “Sweetie you aren’t suppose to sleep on your back and ummm you are snoring.”  Me – “Oh sorry.”  I turn over and promptly go back to sleep.  The next morning I awake to my daily bump email, which couldn’t have been more accurate!  I promptly forwarded the email to the hubby while chuckling to myself.  Quoted from Baby Bump App daily email:

“Day 173 – Don’t Be Such a Snore…  It’s 3:00 AM, and you and your partner are sound asleep. Correction: YOU are sound asleep. Your unfortunate partner is wide awake, listening to you loudly snoring away. He gently wakes you, telling you that you were snoring again, and maybe even plays back some evidence on his cell phone’s voice recorder. Take comfort in the fact that you’re in good company: plenty of pregnant women develop snoring problems, even if they’ve never snored before. It’s caused by extra weight and swollen mucous membranes in your nose, which can lead to more congestion. To help lessen the noise, try wearing a nasal strip to bed. You can also use a warm-mist humidifier in your bedroom, which will moisten your airways and help keep them clear. Soon enough, the two of you can start getting your much-needed rest.”


Jellybean is moving more and more.  Every movement is like a little gift and puts a smile on my face.  One night she was kicking from 3-4am and I loved every second.  Luckily it was a weekend so I could catch up on some zzz’s the next day. :)

Maternity Clothes

Same as the 5th month – 90% maternity clothing with a sprinkle of my old clothes, sweat pants/shirts and the husband’s shirts.

Missing Anything?

Sushi – Specifically a spicy tuna roll.  WANT … like it’s going out of style.

Happy Hour –  And not really the drinking part, but the social aspect.  You might be thinking “you can go to HH when pregnant, just don’t drink”, which of course is true.  But honestly, for me,  HH just isn’t the same pregnant.


24 week ultrasound – with my little sister.

Making progress on the nursery – We’ve picked out a paint color and purchased a dresser/nightstand.

Looking Forward To…

Meeting our little one! 

Finishing the Nursery.


Labor – Yup, still nervous about delivery!  And still pretending like it isn’t going to happen.

Sophi – adjusting to life as a big sister.  My parents always tell the story of my childhood dog, Shanna, hanging out under the bed for a 2 months after I was born.  Apparently she would only come out from under the bed to eat and go to the bathroom.  I worry Sophi is either going to become a little monster in protest of no longer being the baby of the family OR she will get depressed.  Either way my two babies are already bonding a little bit or so I would like to think!  Here is Sophi cuddling with the baby (belly) …


With the 6th month over we have officially entered the third trimester.  Seriously, where has the time gone?  Just 12 weeks +/- until Jellybean makes her debut … I can’t wait!

Any pregnancy tidbits you care to share?  I would love to hear them!

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