Hi there!  Remember me?!  Yeah, I know, it has be a hot minute since this blog has gotten any love.  It’s fall time in the US and everyone is posting beautiful photos of the leaves turning colors and the cooler weather has begun.  Pumpkin food and drinks are in full swing.  Fall is my favorite time of year in the States, but here in Bangkok it’s rainy season.  The weather is hot and humid (as usual) with scattered thunderstorms mixed in throughout with week.  And, unfortunately carving a pumpkin isn’t in the cards for Halloween when one lives in Thailand.

I have some serious fall envy going on!!

Time is quickly passing and before we know it cool season will debut in Bangkok.  And by cool, I mean 75 degrees, if we are lucky.  You might be wondering what’s been going on since I last blogged … let’s do a little recap of life’s highlights as of late, shall we?!

The majority of the month of August was spent in the States visiting family and friends.  The biggest event of the month was my sister’s wedding!!  Jellybean totally rocked being a flower girl.  My favorite part was when she screamed to my husband, who was standing with the other groomsman, “Daddy I have to be quiet”!  It was kind of hilarious as the statement was made at the loudest possible volume she could muster.  Luckily everyone took her disruption in stride and it evoked a good belly laugh from the wedding guests.


Photo by Nikki Cole Photography
September was a very low key month.  It was life as usual here in Bangkok.  I’m very thankful we had a month of ‘normal’ day to day life.  Things have rapidly picked and pace since then and there are aren’t any signs of it slowing down in the near future.

We took a whirlwind family trip to Vietnam in October.  Hitting 4 cities, including Ho Chi Mihn City, Hoi An, Hanoi and Halong Bay in just 9 days.  The trip was quite an accomplishment, especially since Jellybean got a cold the day before we left.  More details on the food, hotels, and all the sights seen to come.

Here we are on our second to last day in Halong Bay.  GAHHH, it’s just gorgeous!


Halloween was very low key this year, but Jellybean did get the opportunity to rock her witch costume and do a little trick-or-treating.  The most hilarious part was Jellybean would eagerly grab candy from the basket and then follow it up with an enthusiastic “trick-or-treat”!  Despite various attempts we couldn’t convince her to say trick-or-treat before collecting candy.


The biggest news of all to share is … we are expecting a new little bundle of joy come March!!  The nausea and headaches were pretty intense for much of the first trimester as well as the first couple of weeks of the second trimester.  Luckily, I am now in the sweet spot of pregnancy where I feel good and the bump looks like a baby bump instead of like I’ve been eating too many cookies.  :)

We made the announcement to just our immediate families back in August by handing them an envelope with the following inside:

Baby #2 Pregnancy Announcement | Life's Tidibits

So, what’s new with you?






1 – Sorry to start on a somber note, but I feel like I must touch on this.  I haven’t posted anything online about the tragedy that occurred Monday at the Boston marathon.  My thoughts and prayers have been with those impacted by this all week, but I find at times when people do horrible thing I am at a loss for words.  Even just saying thoughts and prayers doesn’t seem to do justice to how I feel or what I really would want to convey.  I grew up and Massachusetts and feel lucky to have so many wonderful friend/family who reached out to ensure my loved ones were okay.  Like I said I have no words …. I mean really what is wrong with people?

2 – A friend of mine shared this article with me … 22 Things Happy People Do Differently.  Although I can see the value in a lot of the items there’s just no way I can get up at the same time every day.  I like to sleep in on the weekends =)

3 – Sometimes cooking an “old” recipes that I haven’t had in a long time makes me rediscover my love for it all over again.  This week I made spicy meatballs for the hubby.  We both were laughing about how much we enjoyed them and why we hadn’t thought to make them in a while.  Welcome back to the rotation spicy meatballs!

4 – I played Bocce for the first time ever this week!  Our team is a lot of fun and even though I thought I might be terrible at it … it turns out I was able to score the winning point for my team.  Not bad if I do say so myself!! Have you ever played Bocce do you like it?

5 –  Have any of your been watching The Americans on FX?  The hubby and I are loving the first season and let’s be honest it is always a HUGE win when we can agree on a TV show.  We are also hooked on Scandal!  Any good shows you and your man agree upon that you would recommend?

6 – I know it’s a really old and over played song at this point, but I still get excited when “Call me Maybe” comes on the radio or on my ipod.  Can’t really pin point what about this song I like so much … it must be the beat … yeah let’s go with that.  =)

7 –  Planning a bachelorette party?  Check out these two super cute (and affordable) ideas from The McBaileys … party boxes and party tanks.  I love both ideas!

8 – Sophi, our dog, met my friend’s 7+ week old baby yesterday!  Sophi was very curious and wanted to sniff/see the baby, however once we started pay attention to only the baby she was less than thrilled.  The poor dog was JEALOUS, but luckily by the end of the visit I had my friend’s baby in my lap and Sophi laying next to us.

9 – After killing my herb garden after one of the early snows last year, I have begun my quest to conquer the black thumb … again.  I am hopeful I will have better luck this time.  So far we have basil, chives, mint and thyme.

10 – I’ve been toying with the idea of becoming a brunette.  I have always been a blonde and I’m not really sure where this idea is coming from.  Random right?

What tidbit do you have to add this week?

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