Babies are just all around adorable … not to mention they some how manage to capture your heart without even trying.   Can you tell I’ve been spending time around an infant??!  My friend recently gave birth to her beautiful baby boy (remember the “Little Man” baby shower?) and needless to say I’ve been visiting her and the little man quite often. :)  Last week we did a little photo shoot and I adore this shot of his itty bitty foot.  It is crazy to me how teeny tiny baby feet are!!!

Happy Friday and have a fabulous weekend!!

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One Thought on “Photo Friday – Tiny Little Foot

  1. Perhaps half white and half dark chocolate mustache? Reminds me of the time I asked your mother if she liked my mustache. She could not decide so…. I shave off one side and we went out to dinner. The wait staff found it very amusing but mom did not get it until I asked her to take a closer look!

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