I’m one of those people who makes a point not to do Christmas decorations, music (holiday playlist) and such until after Thanksgiving.  This is in part because of I LOVE Thanksgiving and want to fully focus on one holiday at a time, but also because when Christmas starts right after or {gasp!} before Halloween it just feels like time is going by too quickly.  And, as any parent will tell you life seems to pick up speed as soon as you add a little person into the mix.  No need to make life go any fast than it already does, right?!

Whether you are waited until after Thanksgiving or were already in the full blown holiday gear a solid holiday music playlist is definitely in order.  Here are some of my favorite holiday songs …

Christmas Holiday Playlist | Life's Tidbits

Carol of the Bells is by far my favorite holiday song.  Not only is the song featured in my favorite ‘holiday movie’, the original Home Alone, but anytime I hear it get that excited holiday cheer feeling in my gut.  The hubby and I started a tradition a few years ago where we watch Home Alone every Christmas Eve.  I can’t wait for our kids to be old enough to watch it with us!

The Little Snowflake is probably the most random song on the the playlist.  In case you are wondering why it made the cut it is because it makes my daughter’s whole face light up anytime is comes on.  Her pre-school did a Christmas Show last year and she pretty much memorized the entire song.  I’m guessing they did a good amount of practicing for the show.  It took us a little while, but eventually my mother-in-law found the song online.  Jellybean still remembers parts of the dance they taught her to go along to the song.

So there you have it, our holiday playlist.  What songs should I add to our playlist?



In early June we made our third flight to Krabi.  We had previously been to Koh Lanta and Railay, but this time the plan was to stay in Ao Nang.   We were meeting up with one of my oldest and bestest friends in the world and her husband.  They were traveling around Southeast Asia and planned to stop by Bangkok before their flight home.  But I couldn’t wait to see, them so we traveled to Krabi for a long weekend beach vacation.  We all stayed at the Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi.

The closest airport to Ao Nang is Krabi.  Taxis from the airport to Ao Nang are a flat rate of 600 baht and the drive takes about 40 minutes.  Hotels often offer a pick up service, but in my experience the price point is much higher.  It is usually best to secure a taxi once you’ve arrived at the airport.  We also coordinated a pickup from the same taxi driver to take us back to the airport a few days later.  The taxi drive agreed to a slightly discounted rate of 500 baht on the way back.

Vacationing in Ao Nang, Thailand at the Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi | Beach Vacation, Travel, Travel blogger, expat in Thailand | Life's Tidbits

The Centara Grand Beach Resort can be accessed two ways: 1) by a ‘monkey trail’ which is a wooden pathway that leads you up and over the edge of the mountain to Ao Nang Beach. 2) by boat to the hotel’s private dock.  The hotel provides a free shuttle boat that runs from morning until late at night.  A reservation to ride the boat is required so planning ahead is essential.

Since we went during low season, the free shuttle boat wasn’t running very often and therefore the boat was crowded.  People were pushing their way forward as the boat approached to secure a seat, as many appeared nervous there were more people than seats.  Overall I was unimpressed with the boat service especially when I was informed upon checkin they informed me they were at 90% occupancy.

Vacationing in Ao Nang, Thailand at the Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi | Beach Vacation, Travel, Travel blogger, expat in Thailand | Life's Tidbits

The Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi has a private beach and is secluded in its own bay called Pai Plong Bay. The hotel is nestled into a small mountain range in a well-preserved National Park.  A gorgeous resort for a long weekend holiday with friends and family.  The hotel room was stunning and Jellybean immediately made herself at home in the gigantic bed.

Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi in Ao Nang, Thailand | Beach Vacation | Life's Tidbits

Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi in Ao Nang, Thailand | Hotel Room | Life's Tidbits

I loved the tranquil, quiet beach and impressive pool located at the Centara Grand.  The food and mixed drinks, especially, left something to be desired.  If we go to the resort again I would definitely BYOB as well as try to venture off the property for dinner.  Downtown can easily be accessed via the Monkey Trail.  Though the monkey trail isn’t ideal for those traveling with small kids and toddlers.  I wish we had brought the baby carrier so we could have made the trek out with Jellybean safely on our back.

Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi in Ao Nang, Thailand | Breakfast View | Life's Tidbits

Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi in Ao Nang, Thailand | Pool View | Life's Tidbits

Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi in Ao Nang, Thailand | Pool View | Life's Tidbits

Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi in Ao Nang, Thailand | Beach | Life's Tidbits

Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi in Ao Nang, Thailand | Beach | Life's Tidbits

We had a grand time at the Centara Grand Resort in Ao Nang, Krabi.  I definitely recommend this hotel for a peaceful and low key vacation, but if you are looking for someplace with hustle and bustle you will want to stay downtown.



Happy 2016, friends!! Hope you all had an amazing start to the year.  We kicked off the new year by celebrating Jellybean’s 2nd birthday.  Our child has the ‘dreaded’ birthday that coincides with the holiday season, but seriously, I have a two year old what the what?!


Being in Bangkok meant a morning filled with FaceTime calls so Jellybean could be serenaded by family and friends with Happy Birthday and open her birthday presents.  She made out like a little bandit this year, no real surprise there.  A few of her favorites were the markers, scooter and kitchen.

The kitchen was a holiday and birthday gift. Yes, I know, she should get two separate gifts.  The hubs and I decided that while she’s young enough not to understand one big gift from us is more than enough for the month of December.

After FaceTime we headed to the park.  On the way Jellybean stopped to break it down in front of the Emporium mall {they have huge speakers playing music}.  Nap time was followed by making brownies, playing and the birthday celebration concluded with watching Frozen.


Note: I had to hold onto her arm because she kept jamming her
hand in the brownie mix and smearing it across her face.  LOL. 

The hubs and I couldn’t bare to leave Jellybean on her birthday so we welcomed the new year with a homemade steak dinner and some Walking Dead.  Have you seen Walking Dead?  I didn’t think it was for me, I’m not really into the whole zombie or vampire thing, but I’m totally loving it and in full blown binge watching mode.

I’m not really good at setting or following through with goals/resolutions, but nevertheless I’m giving it a whirl this year …

  • Practice Patience (It is said patience is a virtue.  I never quite understood it until having a toddler!)
  • Take a cooking class or two
  • Continue working out regularly
  • Read more books
  • Improve my photography skills
  • Explore more of Bangkok, and Thailand in general

I would love to hear your resolutions/goals/aspirations are for this year, if you have any! :)

Cheers & here’s to a fabulous 2016!!




Run Jump Scrap!

St. Patty’s Day is just around the corner! It’s so much fun shopping for holiday themed outfits.  For Valentine’s day, Jellybean and I wore similar outfits.  A fellow mom on the plane {we went on a family vacation to Mexico … much needed vaca!} comment on how cute we looked.  It totally made my day!!  The husband just shook his head, almost to say to the woman ‘please don’t encourage my wife’.  Hahaha.  And while I won’t be dressing up for St. Patrick’s Day … since I will be at work … I still want Jellybean dressed to impress!!  While I was focused on the girl clothes, I couldn’t help but poke around and check out all the cute boy St. Patty’s Day fashion out there.

Here are some of my favorite finds …

Headband / Little Sham Rocker / Green Polo  /  Long Sleeve Shamrock Bodysuit  /  Shamrock Glasses / Snoopy #Lucky  /  White Shamrock T-Shirt / Sparkle Shoes / Mickey T-Shirt /  Bow Tie My First St. Patrick’s Day

Unfortunately I won’t be purchasing those adorable sunglasses as I know Jellybean won’t leave them on for even enough time for me to snap a good photo … there’s always next year!

What St. Patty’s Day clothing is your favorite?  Any good fashion finds you care to share?

Happy {Fashionista} Friday!!


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Happy Christmas!  What are you doing today?  We are having scrumptious brunch, followed by some heavy sitting and then a yummy brisket dinner.  Oh and waiting to see if Jellybean decides to make an appearance today.  I’m guessing the answer is no, but at this point (2 days after her due date) anything is possible!

I’m loving how our Christmas tree came out this year.  We reused all the same ornaments from last year and then purchased a few extra things like a tree skirt, extra string of lights, tree topper and the cutest little owl ornaments.  This is definitely a step up from our 2012 tree!  I’m very pleased with how it came out …





Happy Christmas to you and yours!!

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