Today, let’s chat rocking chairs slash gliders for the nursery.  For someone who get motion sick ALL the time (cars, planes, boats), it’s a little weird, but I love chairs that rock/move.  The husband and I discussed purchasing a chair for the nursery pretty early on.  I spent a lot of time looking at chairs online and trying to determine which would be best.  While online shopping is great and I’m a huge fan of not having to leave the house to make a purchase, there are somethings – like chairs – where it is just SO much easier to shop for in person.

My in-laws were in town visiting a couple weekends ago and offered to go crib shopping with us.  For someone who prides themselves on being a planner and getting things done ahead of time I’ve been a complete slacker/procrastinator on the nursery purchasing front!  I hang my head in shame as I admit … there is a VERY good chance the crib won’t be here by Jellybean’s due date.  At least I know she will be in the bassinet for a few weeks, which makes me feel a little less guilty.  Anyways, while we were out looking at cribs the husband and I took the opportunity to check out chairs for the nursery as well.

It was great to sit in the chairs and figure out what we were really looking for.  There are just SO many options: glider, recliner/glider, rocker, etc. it was honestly a bit overwhelming.  The husband and I knew we wanted a chair for the nursery that would look good if moved to another room, like the living room or tv room, in a few years.

Here is my nursery chair inspiration board:

Nursery Glider / Rocking Chair Inspiration | Life's Tidbits
Glider Story Time / Rocker & Glider Story Time / Swivle Glider Land of Nod

Recliner Story Time / Rocking Chair / Wingback Glider Pottery Barn Kids

Regardless of which chair we purchased an ottoman was a must have.  I love elevating my feet, plus I’ve heard when you are feeding late at night being able to put your feet up is ideal.  I was kind of partial to the glider/recliner/ottoman combo options, however in the end the hubby and I decided upon a simple glider with matching ottoman.  While at the store I went through the fabric book a couple of times making note of potential options.  My MIL and husband gave their input and we slowly started narrowing it down.  The store owner was hilarious when it came to choosing a fabric.  He told me “Don’t be shy.  Order as many swatches as you want … I do a lot of business with this company.”  With that we ordered a couple gray, white and cream sample fabrics.  Last week the fabrics arrived and we finally made a decision to go with one of the medium-dark gray fabrics!!

The chair is our second big purchase for the nursery!  It feels like we are finally making progress on the baby’s room and we are just 9 weeks away from her bid debut (hopefully).  Just like with the dresser, I think I will wait until the “big” Jellybean nursery reveal post to show you exactly which chair/color we chose. =)

Did you purchase a chair for your nursery?  If so was it nice to have and what type of chair did you get?

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8 Thoughts on “Rocking n’ Gliding

  1. We got a glider nursing chair with number 3 child, after coveting one with the first two, and needing a good supportive chair in late pregnancy. It’s been a valuable investment as I’m now using it with number 5. The one thing I regret is getting a light coloured fabric – it’s impossible to keep clean with toddlers around and has been drawn on, trodden on and generally smeared with dirt! Have fun with yours.

  2. Great options! … didn’t buy one when I had my two kids :)
    Spring greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  3. we got a glider/rocker chair

    thanks for linking up with #magicmoments x

  4. My favourite has to be the rocker although maybe in a different colour.
    Thank you for sharing your post on the Parenting Pin IT Party.

  5. These are all so nice! I spent such a long time looking at reviews of different rocking chairs online. Then my husband and I went to a furniture store and found a sofa and recliner set and bought those! It is perfect and I still use it every day :)

  6. Way too many choices, and so hard to choose. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  7. I am pleased with the Rocker / Glider. It was very comfortable and my baby can sleep in peace here. It really helped me in caring the baby. Assembly of the glider is also easy. In addition, the price is quite cheap. In fact, if we store it properly, this glider will last for a long time.

  8. I agree with Marty… way too many choices. Also is the debate (and attempt) to get crafty and try to maybe refinish an old glider my mom has. Many hour of pinterest ahead! Thanks for the choices though!

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